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We at Dosa n Chutny pride ourselves in producing the finest high-quality South Indian and Sri Lankan food. Our Chefs are specialists in the art of food preparation, and strive for only the best, making sure our customers receive only the best.
Our dishes combine the intense and aromatic flavours of South Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine,  to bring you a divinely tasting dish.
So we cordially invite you to come and
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Dosa & Chutny

Dosa is a typical South Indian delicacy and is eaten for breakfast or dinner. Dosas are crepes made of fine ground rice and lentils cooked on a flat griddle. You can have Dosa with various fillings. We serve all types of Dosas with Sambhar and coconut Chutny.
Chennai (formerly known as Madras) is the fourth largest metropolitan area of India and the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Like the city of Chennai we are equally passionate about hospitality and serving authentic tasty South Indian food. We have the specialist Chefs from Chennai so you can “Eat n Joy at Chennai’s best”.

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